Montag, 23. November 2015

The bell founder...

...on the first Christmas Market 2015 in our region.

Der Glockengießer auf dem ersten regionalen Weihnachtsmarkt 2015
im Park von Schloss Crailsheim in Rödelsee, Unterfranken, Bayern.

 Hi folks!

Last time but one weekend we still had a kind of great last summer temperatures and a lot of sunshine, this weekend we've got the first winter day here in our region with the first snow at higher altitudes!

So it was time to visit the very first Christmas market (worth visiting):
The Christmas market at Crailsheim Castle in the small village of Roedelsee (a population of about 1700 people).

One of the attractions of this small, but lovingly organized Christmas market was (in my view) the booth of a bell founder / belleter; a craft you don't find very often nowadays in public.

So I took my time to observe and photograph the handicraft activities of this craftsperson.

At first her had to prepare the sand moulds and melted the bell bronze at a temperature of about 1100°C. Thereafter he cast the liquid metal into the sand forms.

 After a cooling time of about 30 minutes (for big bells it can last up to three days!)...

...he separated the mould housings from each other and put the hardened bells with the cast-on section out of the sand mould.

The last work steps were cutting the cast-on section, cleaning and brushing to get the finished bell - not to forget to mount the bell clapper in the bell.

A happy and peaceful Advent season to all of you!

Ring the bells of peace!


Samstag, 14. November 2015

Peace is the path!

There is no path to peace

peace is the path.


#Pray for Paris: The world comes together for terror victims



Donnerstag, 5. November 2015

Schanzenviertel street art & murals


--> We are in Hamburg!

The "Schanzenviertel" or short: "Schanze" [engl.: entrenchment] is a Hamburg district traditionally embracing a multicultural, alternative lifestyle.


The heart of Schanzenviertel are the streets and places called
Schulterblatt, Schanzenstraße, Susannenstraße, Bartelsstraße, Sternschanze station and Sternschanzen park

These are the locations I found the majority of the streetart objects and murals.

Hamburg street roes...

Hi there! Howzit?

--> self portrait...  ;-)

"Take a fish...

...and swim against the tide!"

[Trottoir Street Art 2015]

Rote Flora

The Rote Flora is a former theatre in the Sternschanze neighbourhood in Hamburg. It has been squatted since November 1989 in response to a decision to turn it into a musical theatre.

Café Schmidtchen - close to Rote Flora

Women in the Arts of Schanzenviertel

Street Artist El Bocho

I hope you've enjoyed my stroll through Schanzenviertel neighborhood!

Stay tuned!

Montag, 12. Oktober 2015

Buddha Museum Traben-Trarbach

Where do you travel to visit more than 2000 different Buddhas at one place?

Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, or... ?

...Traben-Trarbach, Mosel Valley, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany??? --> !!!

Buddha Museum Traben-Trarbach

There, along the lovely Mosel valley, you find a great and unique Buddha museum
with Buddhas from all Asian countries where Buddhism is widespread and part of the vibrant culture.

Certainly you understand that I cannot display a representative amount of all the different buddhas here in my post,  so I wanna present you at least my best photogrphs of this private, but publicly accessible collection.

Did you enjoy our tour through the Buddha museum?

Outside it looks quite different, quite German again... ;-)

Montag, 28. September 2015

Autumn air and atmosphere

Would you like to have breakfast with me???

And afterwards take some photos together???


"Unter den Linden", the "inn in the meadows" at Rothenburg, Germany,
is our favourite place on a Sunday morning for this plan.

The breakfast buffet is gorgeous, but - psst - don't tell it anybody else, otherwise it'll be too overcrowded the next time you and I go there.

And: it's a great place to contemplate and to take some moody photographs, especially in autumn time.

The open-air pub of "Unter den Linden" is directly located at the bank of the river Tauber; which is quite a flat little creek 10 kilometers after it's origin. 

"Foliage boots" on the river...

Angelika, the tenant, and her team know how to decorate modestly but in a good style at once
and so you find seasonal bouquets everywhere in and outside the small inn.

So, when do we meet there in Rothenburg???